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Closing Date: 31/12/2025

Welcome to the CGA-Showcast Portal for Deaf and disabled Performers. Casting directors and other screen industry professionals use this platform to find performers that are:  Existing talent  New talent  Unrepresented talent Please note the CGA uses the Social Model of Disability that says: Impairment is the “physical, mental or sensory characteristic, feature or attribute that affects the function of an individual’s mind or body”. Disability is “the loss or limitation of opportunities to take part in society on an equal level due to social, attitudinal and environmental barriers”. Therefore, we use the terms ‘Deaf and disabled people’ in line with the Social Model. Please answer all questions in this Application in order to establish your Showcast Profile. You will also need to upload 4 items: 1. CV 2. Headshot 3. Chat 4. Self Tape Please select one scene from the Scripts Folder below. Feel free to move gender and ages around to suit your purpose. If preferred, you can use your own script. It should be a two-hander of 2-3 pages and the scene should run 3 minutes or less. How to Selftape: You will need to film 3 things on your camera or smartphone: #1 The Slate: Shooting as a wide shot, so we see all of you, tell us: - Your Name - Your Agent (if you have one) - Then turn away from camera and show us your profile, both ways Please label file with your Name-Slate (ie. Jane Smith-Slate). #2 The Chat To Camera: Tell us a little bit about yourself (30-60 seconds approx.) Please film your Chat as per the technical notes below for The Scene. Again, please label the file with Your Name-Chat (ie. Jane Smith-Chat). #3 The Scene: Ensure the lens/your camera phone is held correctly. It must be: - Steady, and in the horizontal landscape position - The camera lens should be about the same level as your face - On the ‘facing up’ position (not upside down) Make sure you are front lit, with no open windows or other light sources behind you. Shooting against a neutral coloured and uncluttered background is best. Have your reader close to the lens, just at the side and not ‘on-camera’, and have their eyes at roughly the same level to yours. Please frame yourself in mid-shot, from mid chest to just above the top of your head. Ensure you play your footage back. The Self Tape should have reasonable picture quality, and any soundtrack must be clear. Upload ONE take only, your best Please label the file with Your Name/Self Tape (ie. Jane Smith-Selftape). Also attach a Headshot or Selfie (identified with your full name) and also attach your CV. Please see the ‘How To Self Tape’ Video for further instruction. The Video features a Casting Director presenting on screen alongside an Auslan Interpreter. The Video is also captioned courtesy of The Substation, and the link is below. For any technical assistance with uploading your application files please contact Showcast: Telephone (02) 9135 7300 or via email [email protected] Got your Headshot and CV Ready? And your Chat/Self Tape done? Register Now by clicking the green "Upload Self Test" box at the top of this page. Need help with your Self Tape? While Self Taping has replaced some of our in-room testing methods, Applicants for this Project can also opt for an In Room or Zoom Audition. Should this be the case, you can apply in the application section to get Casting Guild assistance. The CGA can also provide an Auslan Interpreter as required.  It is important, however, you still upload all your other material Now! so your Showcast profile can be prepared whilst waiting for taping assistance which could take around 3-4 weeks. This includes your: - CV - Headshot Then once your scene is taped it can be uploaded and your Showcast Profile will be complete. This registration is being provided as a free service to the Performer.


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Submission Questions

With the contact number provided do you prefer:
Age Range
If someone is assisting you with this form please supply name, contact number and email:
If someone is assisting you with this form what is their relationship to you:
If someone is assisting do you want this person to the be first point of contact?
Cultural Background (to assist with casting searches)
Do you identify as:
Do you identify as Deaf?
Do you identify as disabled?
If you answered Yes can you please indicate what impairment type you have
If you have a sensory impairment please select from the following:
We respect the right for everyone to self-define. Is there a way you like to describe yourself?
please describe your impairment - this will help casting directors support you and cast authentically
What access requirements (if any) does the industry need to be aware in order for you to do your best work on a film set, on stage, in a rehearsal room or casting studio? This information is confidential and will be used to assist casting directors and others industry professionals to meet your specific requirements within available resources.
Written information format you require:
Do you require an Auslan Interpreter?
If you require other communication support please indicate requirements:
Do you require wheelchair access?
If you use a mobility aid other than a wheelchair please describe:
Do you require an accessible bathroom?
Are you ambulant?
Do you have a mobility impairment that would restrict the use of steps?
What personal support professionals (if any) accompany you that industry needs to be aware of:
If you have an assistance animal please give details:
Please tell us of other access requirements not covered in this form or additional information you feel we need to know to better support you:
If there is anything else we need to be aware of in social or employment settings please indicate requirements (eg following complicated instructions is difficult; I can’t read body language):
If you have any sensory reactions we need to be aware of please indicate requirements:
Do you require a quiet space at venues?
Do you need orientation at venues?
Upon completion of your application, please tick the relevant box below:
Is there anything else you would like to advise us of, please include here: