Television Series - TEENAGER SUPPORTS

Self Test Closing Date: N\A

PLEASE UPLOAD A SHORT VIDEO TELLING US ABOUT YOURSELF (not limited to, but preferably 2 - 3 mins). Submit your video & a recent photograph by clicking on the green link ("Upload self test") to your right ----->>> We’re casting a range of supporting roles of varying sizes across this series, rich with personalities and experiences of their own. Just like these characters, we want to know what makes you unique. What drives you? What excites you? You don’t have to sit in front of your webcam and recite your CV either, express yourself in a way that best suits you. Have a special talent? A complex knowledge of dinosaurs? Know any good jokes? There is no right or wrong answer, we just want to know what makes you… you! Please note that this material may be shared with producers, so there is no pressure to share anything you’re not comfortable with. Thank you for taking the time, and we look forward to watching your submission. ~ Mitchell Casting Team



(16 to 18)


Current location (please specify city)
Preferred pronouns
Date of birth (only required if under 18yrs)
Please confirm you will upload a recent photograph of yourself
Pls list any dates non-negotiable N/A dates across Aug - Nov 2021
How did you hear about this casting call?