Lexus - Lexus Self-Tests

Self Test is closed for submissions

1. Quick ID to camera: Please tell us your full name Height Agent Do you have any advertising currently on air/yet to air? Available for the shoot date? Do you have a full, clean driver’s license with no restrictions? 2. AUDITION ACTION Please read the scenario below. And do the actions that pertain to your character. The Director would like to see you do a bit of improv around the scripted scenario to see how you feel the character. 1. Please do 2 x takes in a full length/mid frame 2. Please do another 2 x takes in closeup *Please take your time, and really let us see your thought process and witness this as you go through the scenario. if you can use a real car in your audition that would be best. WARDROBE: Female talent to dress as though they’re headed out in their chic, fashion best to an evening event. **Please nothing too revealing** Valet to please be dressed in all black. *The Female is really cool as she gets out of the car, and then as she gets close to the camera we see she has a glint in her eye – she’s enjoying it, she’s made it. *The Valet to convey this idea of dedication to service while at the same time presenting as cool, fashionable and attractive. SCENARIO: The Lexus pulls up. We notice a set of heels exiting the drivers side followed by a designer dress. The camera pulls out away from the chassis as our heroin steps out. We see hand as she exits holding her keys. She swaps her keys for a docket with a passing Valet. He disappears into the drivers seat behind her closing the door. She walks towards the camera - the wind in her hair and a bounce in her step. She is beautiful, edgy, stylish (or a mix of them all!) As she walks close to the camera she modestly drops her gaze, fighting back a small smile of glee to herself – she’s made it. The valet walks out of frame taking a look back at the three Lexus models parked perfectly.


Hero Female Driver