2021 Equity Neighbours Internship - Self Test

Closing Date: 23/01/2022

You will be required to submit a self-test, by selecting one of the 6 scripts provided. To apply, you must be a final year Graduate of 2021 and a member of Equity New Zealand or MEAA Equity. To join click here (https://www.meaa.org/join/) or phone MEAA Member Central 1300 656 513. Applications open on Thursday 10th November and close at MIDNIGHT EST on Sunday 12th December 2021 Five finalists will be announced early February 2022. The winner would be expected to take up the internship in 2022 (COVID permitting) at a mutually agreed upon time with Fremantle. THE SELF-TEST - Please find links to 6 script options below. They are all 2 handers. - Applicants to choose ONE script and put forward only ONE test for consideration - Slate, to begin with, name, age, agency, height - Slate, to include side to front (actors physical profile) - Please also include a separate "chat to camera" telling us a bit about yourself and your reasons for choosing to apply for the Neighbours Internship (up to 2 minutes) - Please don't wear clothes with logo - Test no longer than 10 mins - Make sure a camera phone is held correctly: horizontally with the camera facing up and not upside down. - Making sure you watch the footage back for sound and picture quality (making sure the footage is working correctly). - If you would like to film your test in the Equity Foundation’s Self-Test Studios around the country, book here. Free usage for Equity members. www.equityfoundation.org.au/.../ - Self-tests will be viewed by the casting department of Neighbours. Their decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.   ASSISTANCE For any technical assistance with loading your application files please contact Showcast on (02) 9135 7300 or via email [email protected]


Project Information

The Equity Foundation, Fremantle, Media Super, Showcast are giving you the chance to spend a week on the set of iconic Australian TV series, Neighbours. Learn the ropes of fast-paced TV production from the highly-experienced cast and crew and make invaluable connections for your future career.





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