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OPEN CALL SEARCH. We are looking for a young girl aged 11 years to a small 13 years to play a major role in a new Australian feature film shooting in Sydney later this year. It is a paid role and travel/accommodation will be provided for the actor and a parent/guardian if coming from interstate. No acting experience is necessary however you will need your parents permission to audition. If you have an acting agent do not upload an audition here; contact your agent to be submitted for the role instead. NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic all self tapes should only be recorded safely AT HOME and in accordance with government guidelines relating to social distancing or self-isolation. If for any reason you cannot submit a tape right now because of current circumstances, please hold off recording and email [email protected] to register your interest in taping at a later date. INSTRUCTIONS FOR TAPING Attached you’ll find a scene and an improvisation to record for the role of PAPER, as well as some general tips for self taping. Notes for the SCENE: - Please do not wear a hoodie. - Make sure your head is not hanging down for the whole scene. Paper is also watching the therapist from time to time to figure out whether she can trust her. - Please film the scene in a fairly tight close up, we want to see your face and your eyes. We’re looking to see a performance that is very natural and truthful. It’s not about doing “acting”, with big expressions and movements, instead we should get a sense of what Paper is thinking or imagining during the scene and improvisation, and how she interacts with the therapist. Please upload three separate files to this link - 1. The scene 2. The improvisation 3. A short clip telling us a little bit about yourself and your family, plus a long shot stating your age and height. For any technical help uploading your audition, contact Showcast on the number provided. They will not be able to answer queries regarding the film itself. Thank you, we look forward to receiving your audition! Please note all material is sensitive. NO POSTING ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PERSONAL BLOGGING OR ANY WEBSITE ABOUT YOUR AUDITION, THE ROLE, THE SCRIPT OR ANY ASPECT ABOUT THE PROJECT. THE AUDITION TAPE SHOULD ONLY BE UPLOADED TO THE LINK PROVIDED BELOW AND NO OTHER PLATFORMS.


Paper - open call

11-(small) 13. Paper is 12 when the story begins. She is an introvert by nature, an independent and determined young person, with an extremely strong inner life. A creative child since her birth, she finds solace in her own inner world. She loves to make things, to play with and create objects, images, inventions, to turn her bedroom into a private universe that becomes an outward manifestation of her highly active and visual imagination. Her bedroom is where she is most comfortable and alive. She loves music – dynamic, in-your-face music that makes her want to move and dance and throw herself around. She has never been particularly interested in being part of a group, or spending a lot of time socialising. She has some select friends, but has never been particularly popular and doesn’t spend much time or energy trying to be. In the outside world, Paper is mostly an observer. Sometimes people find her weird, and that doesn’t bother her.
Scripts & Scenes: