Drago Lazetich


Age Range
40 - 57
Base Location
Available In
Adelaide, Auckland, Australian Capital Territory, Brisbane, Christchurch, Dunedin, Gold Coast, International, Melbourne, Northern Territory, Perth, Queenstown, Sydney, Tasmania, Wellington
Actor, Choreographer, Commercial Talent, Corporate, Dancer, Director, Model, Musical Theatre, Voice Artist, Writer


Scenario Artists

Feature Photo
Drago Lazetich


Feature Film
Tony (lead Foreign actor)
The Eight Hundred
Huayi Brothers
Hu Guan
Feature Film
David (lead actor)
Shanghai Story
AI films
Andrej Iliev

Skills & Attributes

American Standard, Southern, Brooklyn, Russian
Contemporary, Break, Rap
Boxing, Martial Arts, Fencing, Basketball, Badminton, Rowing, Squash, Volleyball
Mime, Clown, Stage Combat
Model Work Types
Promotional, Commercial, Runway
Professional Skills
Actor, Choreographer, Commercial Talent, Corporate, Dancer, Director, Model, Musical Theatre, Voice Artist, Writer



Drago Lazetich, award winning director was born in Yugoslavia and grew up in the USA . He teaches a new way of acting called The Lazetich System. This combines acting skills, physical choreography, martial arts training as well as how to work with a director and filmmakers. The Lazetich System based on more than 25 years of his experience in the China and U.S. film industry. The Lazetich System incorporates a variety of different artistic methods over his years of studying film and artistic performance. Drago says that China's filmmakers and actors can reach international standards, making their film and television productions more lucrative in worldwide cinemas. His style has been already used in many China productions and studios helping actors improve their skills and conducted in private sessions or on set while shooting. After many years in mainland China, Drago sees that the hardest thing for Chinese actors breaking through into better roles comes from a cultural dilemma of saving face. This is a limitation in the abilities of actors to fully express themselves. Drago believes that actors should not feel shame, and exposing vulnerability only adds to the performance. “Acting is like martial arts,” he says, “It takes years to master and thereby to become a master. It's a lifelong learning process to achieve a high level of performance.” He is known amongst China’s famous filmmakers and actors, gaining recognition for his professional contribution to the growing industry. He has given lectures and workshops at universities, schools and corporate training groups and is well respected in the community. Drago has taught all age groups and levels from beginners to professionals. Even while on his own acting jobs, Drago has made time to tutor other actors, co-acting with him. Drago grew up in California and studied theatre arts, acting techniques such as Method, Meisner and with the legendary filmmaker, Roger Corman. Take note that Drago’s earliest and first video production called Speed Ball incidentally started the first viral trend in the early 2000’s, years before the internet exploded into social media. One of his many experiences has also included being one of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (in amongst other supporting roles on tour) while also being a fight director for stage combat. This is popular for young students! His web series, Wise Hit! a kungfu comedy and a number one hit online showing 19 episodes kicked off careers for new actors and creators. Drago directed his first musical was Rock On, Halloween! launched the opening of The Pearl establishment in 2013 consisting 45 cast and crew members bringing full house for eight nights, plus an extra encore ninth night due to its success. The popularity of the show had other independent theatre groups follow suit to do musicals. For cinematic and television show roles, in his acting career Drago has worked in numerous productions (it could be well over 60) and including Dragon Blade with Jackie Chan and Fearless with Jet Li. Drago is a well known pioneer of the professional actors since his arrival into China 2004. The latest being the lead for Shanghai Story directed by Andrej Iliev, and in China’s The Eight Hundred (Ba Bai) directed by Hu Guan, both due to be released in 2020 and 2021. For his own independent film work as writer, director and producer, Little Milo has had much success in international film festivals having one of his students won Best Actor for his lead role. Drago endeavors to have more of his own students (whom has had training in his Acting On Film Workshops) to participate in his future film projects. His passion as an actor, a director, writer and producer as a filmmaker sharing his knowledge and expertise has influenced many. Drago encourages everyone to do his workshop i.e dedicated students and production companies, who are eager to develop and progress into the international market.